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 Insulation comes in many forms. Its uses vary from commercial applications to residential and it comes in many types. The most common type of insulation is still fiberglass. It has been being used to insulate houses with for more than 75 years and it does a very good job of keeping convective heat from leaving your home too quickly. It slows down the process so your heat lasts longer. It does not however slow conduction heat and radiant heat and is therefore not the final solution to an energy efficient home. In more recent years cellulose insulation has made an entry into the insulation market. Like fiberglass it does a good job of slowing down the transfer of convection heat and is a good alternative to fiberglass.

R Value

As many people already know, insulation types are compared by using the R Value calculation. Essentially, before the 1970s insulation manufactures used different methods to proclaim the effectiveness of their products and it made comparing them difficult. The US federal trade commission created the R Value calculation to make comparisons easier and more consistent. The R Value calculation is done under very specific laboratory conditions and is as follows 90 degrees F at 50% humidity with 0 air movement.

As any of these factors change the R Value drops so even though when comparing one manufacturer to the other the R Value is consistent at the factory, in the real world the conditions that exist in your attic will determine what R Value you have.  There are products that help stabilize attic insulation and things like Enersave Building Solution’s unique attic blanket would help to keep factors like air movement and humidity constant and work with attic insulation to be more effective since the attic blanket is unaffected by these factors. 
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Most Canadian homes are under insulated. It’s not the amount of insulation in the attic that sells a home so it is often treated as an afterthought when builders are planning a new home. Current building code levels have increased making many of our newest home better insulated but there are literally millions of homes that are grossly under insulated and Governments around the world are urging people to weatherize their homes. The cost of electricity and the disappearing fossil fuels are generating an understanding that we cannot throw energy away like we once did and building practices have to change. According to the US EPA just 6 to 8 inches of extra insulation in every home in just one medium sized city could be like taking 300,000 cars off the road in the carbon emissions not going into the atmosphere.
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