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Since our install only few months ago we have noticed a huge difference in the energy efficiency of our home. Normally when it is really hot outside our house is very warm. Since installing the Enersave barrier our house stayed consistently cooler even on those hot days. We heat our home mostly with a wood stove and we are finding that we are using far less wood to obtain a more comfortable temperature. Regina Scott, Kingston, ON. 
We noticed a difference on the very first day that the Enersave Barrier was installed. Even our basement seems warmer. Mr. & Mrs. Moskalik, Amherstview, ON. 
"I never thought product like this even existed. The sales and service people were so friendly and helpful. I had never even been in the attic and to find out there wasn't even a recommended amount of insulation up there was surprising. The whole job took less than a day and last winter i saved a whopping 30% on my oil bill " -- William S, Brockville On 
We had ENERSAVE work on our attics in the Spring.
We had a good amount of insulation material already but the second floor of the house was very hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter.
All or most of our soffit vents were covered by insulation.  ENERSAVE installed baffle vents to restore attic ventilation.  They blew cellulose pellets on top of our existing insulation.  Then, they layered sheets of radiant barrier.
It has made a dramatic difference in our comfort level, especially with the high heat we have been experiencing this Summer.  I just hope, we will see a similar improvement with the cold weather.
Eugene, Ray, Brian, Jordan you did a super job!
Louise, Trenton, On
From Tracy Marks
Sent Sunday Feb 10 
To Enersave Building Solutions
Subject Re: Heat Reflective Radiant Barrier Savings
Hi Ray
Thanks for the phone call. I appreciate that you check in to ensure we are still satisfied. It is rare these days for companies to call a year or two years later to make sure their clients are still happy.
Before we had insulated barrier installed in our 1800 square foot home, our equal billing for gas was $160/mth. A year and a half later after several reductions our rate is now $90/mth. We are now half way into February and still have a credit, so I am anticipating another reduction soon. You have saved us a minimum of $840a year .... that's pretty amazing. Thank You soo much. It is wonderful dealing with someone who believes in and is passionate about his company and products.  I wish you great success in your future
Regards Tracy Marks
From Jeanette Hill
Sent Monday March 4th
To Enersave Building Solutions
Subject: What A difference
Hi Eugene and Ray
I just felt I had to drop you a line with regards to the new windows that were just installed. When you showed me the glass demonstration I was impressed but still a little skeptical about the performance that you said I would see from them however I have to tell you I am thoroughly impressed. I used to have to wear leg warmers in the front room in the morning because of the draft off of the old windows. This morning my legs were so warm I had to take them off and there was absolutely no draft. The windows look amazing and they don't condensate on the inside like they used to. Thanks for everything and keep up the great work. I have no doubt these windows will save me money now just as you said they would
Best regards Jeanette
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